Musical Journeys is a unique music school offering a pathbreaking method of learning music production, songwriting and music instruments. We enable aspiring musicians of all ages and experience levels to find their musical voice and make original music. We give you the right tools, knowledge, mindsets and methods informed with latest research in music education so you can get from scratch to the studio and stage.


We have designed long and mid term courses that suit various learning needs of aspiring musicians. Besides that, we have also designed some short term experiences and bootcamp to help you take your skill sets to the next level and get one step closer to your musical dreams 

Courses & Classes

Courses -

1. Music Production- Produce your Own EP- 18 weeks & 300 hours - Your first EP- For aspiring singer songwriters, DJs/ producers, beatmakers and more. 

2. Make your own Music (Level 1 & 2) (Guitar & Ukulele) - Learn a music Instrument of your choice (Ukulele & Guitar), Write / Record your own song and get on stage - For beginners above the age of 8 years. Take the 16 week challenge and perform your own music to the world. 

Short Term Experiences & Bootcamps

 1. Ukulele Revolution India - Play an instrument, write your song and perform with a group within 2 hours- For groups of 20-30 people like corporates, schools, colleges, institutions and more


2. Scoring For film -  Learn how to create soundtracks for film and get work in the field


3. Beat Makers Bootcamp- Learn how to make beats using just your laptop or mobile. Learn basics of finger drumming with melodics and take your performance and music to the next level. 


4. Business of Music- Get introduced to the music business with a guest lecturer from a major music label. Learn how to convert music into a viable career and make a living out it. 


Our programs are aimed at building









Our instructors are the true driving force at Musical Journeys. Our team consists of artists and performers who bring their experiences and share a piece of their wisdom from their own musical journeys. Take a look below to learn more about the team.


Founder & Head Instructor

A multi-instrumentalist music producer |

a singer-songwriter | an educationalist | an entrepreneur

You can write in and schedule a counselling session with one of our instructors to help you through your doubts.

Jayant Parashar

Faculty- Scoring For Film

Jayant Parashar wears multiple hats. He has been a celebrated percussionist and has played with leading bands across the country. He's also a film maker and has been on the crew of various feature films, documentaries and ad films. He's also a photographer and has worked with various organisations across the country promoting arts, culture and performance arts.

Vinod Sreedhar


Vinod's career pans across an extremely rich diversity of fields. The list of jobs include working as a music producer in Mumbai, running an award winning environmental education business

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